Why Lent?  

We all like happy times when we celebrate and smile and sing upbeat songs. No one wants to talk about the dark and sad times, but we all know that is important.  We celebrate the life of a person who dies because we know their life isn’t over! We are very lucky that we are living this side of the resurrection – we know death, dark and sadness is not the end.  The forty days of Lent represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness, enduring the temptation and preparing to begin his ministry. We need to remember why we have a special worship for Ash Wednesday and why we gather on Wednesdays, besides great food and friends, and why you should come to all of the Holy Week services.

During Lent, Immanuel UCC meets on Wednesday nights at 6:15pm for a dinner and learning. We have learned from monologues, Bible Study videos, and this year we will be focusing on Cultivating and Letting Go, not only on Wednesdays, but also on Sundays. Wednesday nights will look  different each week. We will have ongoing art projects that everyone can take part in, and healing and wholeness practices. Each week will be something different, and each one can help you learn and think through things during this Lenten season. This will be from March 13th – April 10th.