2018 Kentucky Derby Welcome

My friend and colleague, the Rev. Jennifer Mills-Knutsen, had a Day-After-Derby tradition: to welcome everyone using all the Kentucky Derby horses' names. She now lives in the UK, and so gave me permission to carry on the tradition. So here it is, your 2018 Kentucky Derby Welcome to Church!  -Pastor Rachel


Welcome, one and all to Immanuel UCC on this wonderful Day after Derby! I’m so glad you were Enticed to come to church today, despite many of you having been up late under the Magnum Moon, celebrating with Fierenze Fire.

My Boy Jack and I, and all of us here at Immanuel want to remind you that, no matter who you are or where you are on life’s racetrack, you are welcome here. If you’re from the old Immanuel German Hofburg family, a Noble Indy church-hopper, or are simply a Lone Sailor pulled up to shore, we welcome you with Solomini. We have a deeply Instilled Regard for all of God’s people. We invite you to sign our friendship register pad and let us know of any needs or concerns you have as you do.

If you need the service to be more Audible, we have a hearing induction loop available for your hearing aids. You won’t want to miss the beauty of the Mendelssohn piece or any of our other musical offerings. Any other hospitality you might need, we hope you will find among us here, as we do not desire to be Combatant, but extravagantly welcoming.

If you guessed well at the Derby yesterday, or used some kind of Good Magic to predict the winning horse, I remind you that our offering plate will be coming around later in the service for a Free Drop Billy, should you want to contribute a little Bolt D’Oro to the good work of the church in gratitude for Promises Fulfilled.

If you guessed poorly, watched your riches Flameaway and then drowned your sorrows in Vino Rosso, please know that God still loves you and welcomes you, and we do, too. Bravazo to you for getting up and coming to church anyway, where you can find a more spiritual way to Justify your soul. It will be better in the long run, I promise.

Welcome, friends, and let us worship the God of winners and losers alike, the God who loves all because God created all. We’re glad you’re here.